Enlighten your life with cute animal cases (Part 1)

Here’s some cute contact lens cases we have just added.

Which one do you like the most?

We love to hear from you.

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Get Slim By Just Eating Candy?

Candy cut is the latest product that allow you to slim down without doing further restriction to your existing diet.

Eat Candy to get slim body is no longer a myth !

The most explosive thin candy recipes – Candy Cut now grand debut !

So far having 100% success rate , whoever eats will lean ! Economic price , easy to carry, taking simple and delicious !

Thin face , thin hands, thin waist , lean hips, thin thighs, thin legs

Just by chewing , and both upper and lower body lean !

Candy Cut from America’s top science and technology research and development , the locally owned KKM permit , Halal, Vegetarian, 100% Nature, 100% Non Alcohol, GMP and Mesti multiple related certification bodies , absolutely safe to take !

Candy Cut Mix Berry Lozenges main ingredient is made from a variety of Berries, 8 large main ingredients are Acai Berry, Rasberry Kotones, Cranberry, Blueberry, Hawthorn Berry, Pomegranate, Cayenne Extract, Apple Cider.

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Great Beauty Sleepover Party Ideas

A girl’s rule number one (or two): Never let a summer pass by without having a sleepover with your gal pals! No matter how grown up you think you are, one is never too old to have a slumber party. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Do Some DIY Projects 

Fashionable DIY projects are more fun to do when in a group! Have everyone bring a plain old (but wearable) collarless shirt that they’d like to give a makeover, a roll of lace – better if each would bring a unique pattern, pins, and a pair of scissors or shears.

To make a lace-collared t-shirt, measure lace against the collar of the shirt you’ll be putting it on. Then, with a bit of an allowance, cut the lace and lay it against the collar.  Cut any excess, leaving one centimeter allowance.

Fold that one centimeter behind the lace, then pin the lace on the shirt’s collar. Sew the top part before the bottom part. You might have to use a sewing machine for this one. Just share the machine; no need to ask everyone to bring their own.

Make Delicious Snacks


            A party’s nothing without food and drinks, but instead of the usual pizza, ice cream, and homemade cocktails, whip up delicious snacks that are healthy and beautifying. Blend some fruit smoothies, make tuna sandwiches, have a plate of salad, and anything else that’s not processed.

Watch Chick Flicks 

            Have everyone bring one DVD each but hold a raffle to pick which one to watch first. Some recommendations are Bachelorette, The Lucky One, and Easy A. while it’s okay to watch all the movies everyone brought, but don’t spend the whole night just staring at the screen; your guests will soon get bored.

It’s also great to have different kinds of popcorn available to meet everyone’s preferences. Better yet, nuke several packs of popcorn. Then make your own dressing by melting chocolate (Crunch bars recommended) then put it in a bowl, do the same thing with cheese powder (in a separate bowl!), and any other flavors then serve them side by side to your guests and they can just dip the popcorn in them.

Test Out New Trends


            Are there trends you haven’t tried yet but are curious to do so? Now’s the time to test them all out and give each other constructive opinions on whether you pull it off or not.

Some of the great beauty trends are affordable organic skin care products, metallic nail polish, and easy-to-use DIY hair color. Try them on each other, give out tips and tricks on application, and don’t forget to give compliments.

And of course, while testing them out, have a show and tell with your friends. Bonus points for wearing funky contact lenses as well. Feel free to be creative on this; after all, a trendy look is not as complete without a pair.

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The Rising Bow Trend and Your Contact Lenses

When you were a little girl, bows and ribbons were a big part of your outfits. Your mom would tie your hair with a ribbon lace, you would put on a dress with a huge bow, and your shoes and accessories would even have bows. Now that you’re all grown up, are you too old to wear bows?

Not really. As a trend spotted in fashion shows and on outfits worn by celebrities, it is possible to wear bows and still look ladylike. The trick is to not put on more than one bows, and let that one be the focus of your ensemble. Here are some tips to pull off the trend.

Bow Purses


Purses already look grownup, but adding ribbons would add the cuteness factor without looking childish. It’s even better if you find a purse in a girly color like pink that’s paired with a gold or silver chain, buckle, or other metal add-ons.

Use your purse during formal events or when you go on a night out with your friends, for a look that’s chic but not uptight. Remember to only bring the essentials so your purse won’t look bulky.

Bracelets with Bows


            A simple accessory like a bow bracelet is not to be underestimated. For example, a golden bangle with a bow trinket can glam up a simple dress, while a patterned ribbon bracelet (like the one in the picture) and jazz up a classic ensemble of jeans, white shirt, and plain ballet flats.

Never mix up the two kinds – the bangles are for night, while the cloth bracelets are for the day. Pair your bangles with the rest of the metal accessories you’re wearing, and as for the cloth ribbons: the brighter and more patterned, the better.

Tops with Bows


            Bows are great add-ons that can glam up an otherwise plain blouse. Great for use as a smart casual attire without looking too mature-looking. Since you’re growing up and get invited to various social functions, you have to learn how to dress smarter, not just in following trends.

White blouses look safe, but cream and other light colors look elegant as well. Be careful with patterned tops, though. They flatter different body types so pick one that flatters yours.

Be careful about big bows, too, or other people might think you look frivolous. Opt for loose or smaller ones if you can’t pull off the bows that look like gift ribbons.

Bows and Contact Lenses

Bows make great centerpieces for your outfit. Because of this, you might want their color to be different from the rest of your outfit. To establish a color theme, feel free to match your contact lenses with the color of your bow for a great fashion statement.

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Boyband Invasion in the West

             The boyband fever is back in the West! Thanks to the presence of One Direction and The Wanted who let young girls cry their hearts out of too much fangirling over their looks and songs.

Most guys out there are surely becoming jealous over these boybands because of how the latter have been stealing their girlfriends’ and/or crushes’ attention from them. Now boys do not have to worry because they can get the looks of these boybands by changing the color of the eyes through colored contact lenses.

Blue Eyes

Who got these: One Direction – Niall, Louis; The Wanted – Jay

What about Blue Eyes: People with blue eyes are always described as attractive. Explanations behind it are subjective, but theoretically, blue eyes can make one feel calm and peaceful. This could be the reason why people become more comfortable with blue-eyed folks.

Green Eyes

Who got these: One Direction – Harry; The Wanted – Nathan

What about Green Eyes: They say that people with green eyes are genetically rare, and at the same time, being able to sport this look is very challenging since not everyone can pull it through. This is why girls are also easily attracted to guys with green eyes. Also, people with these eyes can bring about a relaxing effect to the person looking at them.

Brown Eyes

Who got these: One Direction – Liam; The Wanted – Siva

What about Brown Eyes: Brown eyes are one of the most common eye color in the world, but still, it can attract people so much. Brown eyes can show genuineness of the person, and thus, melt the hearts of each girl in town.

Hazel Eyes

Who got these: One Direction – Zayn; The Wanted – Tom

What about Hazel Eyes: Hazel eyes are said to be unique and rare because these tend to look brown, green, or sometimes blue depending on who’s looking into the eyes. Not everyone has a pair of hazel eyes, thus people with these eyes usually get a lot of compliments.

Grey Eyes

Who got these: The Wanted – Max

What about Grey Eyes: Among all the colors mentioned, grey eyes are the most exotic alongside with green eyes because people hardly encounter anyone with these pair of eyes. Grey is a neutral color that seldom evokes emotion. The mysteriousness that this eye color brings about can be the reason behind these eyes’ attractiveness.

Sport the Look

To have the dazzling eyes like these boybands have, it’s time to try out colored contact lenses to have an over-all change in the way guys look. These colors are all available across brands such as Geo Medical, EOS, and MI Contact sold through DBeautyShop.

With colored contact lenses, guys do not have any reasons to be insecure about One Direction or The Wanted anymore. Put on those lenses, get your girlfriends’ attention, and see how they turn back to the boys.

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Fall/Winter Fashion Updates

In a few weeks, summer will be over. Summer dresses will be replaced by long sleeves, Daisy Dukes by trousers, and bare skins covered by coats and scarves. As a true fashionista, one must be prepared for next season’s trends; good thing DBeautyShop is there to give some updates on the fashion world.

Since contact lenses are just one part of a whole ensemble, every trend is a must-watch-for since a true fashionista should know how to match her contact lenses with her trendy outfits.

It’s a good thing, then, that this fall looks forward to more toned down looks, so every fashionista could give their avante garde lenses a break (until Halloween!) and settle for greys and greens.

Elegance in Black and White


This fall, neutral colors are in. All the fashionistas and beauty junkies have been gushing over Katy Perry for a hair styling product’s ad campaign, and does she look GORGEOUS. In the campaign, Katy was photographed in black-and-white visuals, sporting dark hair and blunt bangs.

This is something refreshing for the pop star who is always seen wearing avante garde outfits and flaunting cobalt blue hair.

Given that Katy looks as chic in her natural look as she is fun in her playful characters, those who have been putting on their own playful personalities might want to consider toning their looks down and going au naturele as well.

A natural chic girl can always sport a look like Katy Perry’s with dark hair and Geo Angel contact lenses in grey.

Classic Brown is Always In


The season of autumn brings about the falling of red, yellow, and brown leaves. While this natural phenomenon symbolizes the start of Mother Nature’s hibernation and thus gives off a “dying” vibe, wearing brown doesn’t always mean boring.

Just like in the fall ad campaign of a famous brand, a classic chic can blend in with the brown leaves and still stand out with bright eyes. Let Dollyeye Green Circle Lenses breathe life into a classic ensemble.

Winter for Halloween

Weeks before the first snowflake falls, halloween will take place. And this ghoulish night will witness parties, trick-or-treat, and hot mess costumes.

Forget the naughty nurse, sexy kitty, or bride of Frankenstein getup; go for something icy like the Ice Queen. Take inspiration from this beauty look by a fashion powerhouse for its fall/winter fashion week show, and be the cool belle of the dead ball.

Match that snowy face with a pair of Glow UV Blue Contact Lenses, and a chic Ice Queen is good to go.

Keep these updates and tips in mind; some of them will also help student fashionistas stay trendy in school without having to break the school rules.

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Feline Fever

People have been fond of cats nowadays. The reason is that they are fun to cuddle with, very affectionate, easy to take care of, has soft skin, and lastly, very lovable. Because of this, the number of cat owners and at the same time, the number of feline cartoon or anime characters is increasing.

With the rising number of cat characters, cosplayers and Halloween party goers are benefitting from it because they have more characters to portray. Also, they can further utilize the cat accessories that they have.

So what does it take to dress up as any cat character?

Cat Ears 

            To portray any cat character appropriately, it is important to get a pair of cat ears. Whether these are in headband forms or in hair clips, cat ears can bring about an insta-kitty effect. These ears are made of furry materials (not made from animals of course) with soft poplin inners, and these come with different colors to choose from.

Furry Costume… with Tail

How can one be a cat with only cat ears? Dress up more convincingly by wearing a furry cat costume, better if it can show the body’s curve. Be that cuddly, soft-skinned, and wooly feline character with a long tail to wiggle. Add furry paw mittens and boots to look “kitty-er”.


Putting on a cat-like make-up is not as easy as one-two-three. There are appropriate materials, texture, and strokes to come up with the cat-like look.

First, choose whether to paint the face or not. Choosing to paint the face would mean using face paint to cover up the canvas. Otherwise, put on foundation and concealer is the thing to do to cover up blemishes.

Using neutral and dark colored eyeshadows, pick a direction to go with the eyeshadow and make the smoky eye effect or any creative cat-like effect. Use eyeliner to put more depth into the eyes. Create cat-like eyes by extending the strokes around forty-five degrees angle up or angle down from the outer corner of the eyes. Apply mascara and false lashes if needed.

Apply a little blush and a lip color, preferably black or red, to add more color. To finish the look, apply or attach a cat nose and cat whiskers.

Fancy Contact Lenses

To portray any cat character a lot more convincingly, why not put on a pair of cat contact lenses? Cats’ eyes are described as big and wide, and these contact lenses can bring about the said effect. At the same time, their iris is quite different from humans. In fact, these lenses come with different colors. Check out DBeautyShop to select the most preferred lenses.

Now that how-to-be-a-cat tips have been laid down, it’s time to dress up as Meowth, Luna, Artemis, Cheshire Cat, Garfield – name that cat character, it can be well-represented!

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Be Preppy Like Barbie

During childhood, every girl must have dreamt of becoming Barbie when she grows up. Now ladies don’t have to fret. With the power of cosmetics, this dream is possible – anyone can transform to look like the most famous doll in the world.

The Ultimate Barbie Make-Up

            Aside from using long blonde-colored wigs and wearing fashionable clothes and dresses, the key in looking exactly like Barbie is to put on proper make-up.

The first step in putting on the Barbie make-up is to start with a clear canvas and apply a good moisturizer (preferably with SPF) afterwards to protect the face and neck from sun rays. Next, use primer to smooth and even out the skin tone and allow make-up to stay longer.

Apply foundation on the skin to achieve Barbie’s flawless skin. Pick the foundation that matches the skin tone. Use concealers to cover up other blemishes on the face or colored concealers to color-correct the skin. “Shrink” the nose by sweeping brown or neutral eyeshadow on the nose’s bridge to make the nose appear smaller as Barbie’s.

Emphasize the Eyes

Make the eyes stunning by first putting on eye primer to make the eye make-up last longer. After priming the eyes, it’s time to put on eyeshadow. Apply a light pink eyeshadow over the eyelid. Shimmering eyeshadow can also be used. If not comfortable with the shade of pink, experiment on colors such as blue or lavender as long as it will match the skin tone.

Apply white eyeliner to the water line and black liquid eyeliner on the top lash line and wing out a perfect cat eye. Put on a little white shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes. These tricks can brighten up the eyes and make these livelier and bigger. Put on false eyelashes since this will make the eyes appear prettier and exotic. Finish it off with a coat of mascara.

To make the eyes look more Barbie-like, put on Barbie Eyes Nudy contact lenses which can be bought from DBeautyShop. These can make the eyes larger and doll-like. In addition, the design is simple and colors available are basic that the eyes will still look natural when these are worn.

Dress Up the Lips

            First apply lip balm to make it look supple. Afterwards, wear pink lipstick, preferably light pink. Make the lips appear as perfect as Barbie’s by tracing the lip with concealer appropriately. After doing so, that’s the time put on the perfect lip gloss.

Final Touches

Complete the look by applying a dust of pink blush on the cheeks. Contour the face according to how Barbie’s cheeks look like, but do not overdo it.

Once completing these steps, congratulations! The Barbie-look is now achieved!

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Glow in the Midst of the Dark


   Halloween parties, clubbing, and night outs with friends – these are some fun activities that people can do especially in the evening. Whenever these events occur, everyone makes sure to get the best costume, clothes, accessories, and footwear from the closet; put on the perfect make-up; and style his or her way in order to stand out among the rest.

Standing out in the crowd would also mean changing the eyes’ color through colored contact lenses. How about putting on glow-in-the-dark contact lenses to add immense sparkle in the eyes especially at nighttime? Yes, it’s possible with UV illuminant lenses!

How do these work?

            Aside from the usual materials used to manufacture contact lenses, UV illuminant contact lenses have safe components that will make these lenses glow especially under ultraviolet lights. Therefore, it is best to use these in the darkest places. Also, these can be used upto 1 year. Just put these on as if these are regular contact lenses, and grab everyone’s attention with the extra bright colors that flashes from the eyes.

Eye-popping Colors

           UV illuminant lenses offer a variety of hues that people can choose from. In fact, DBeautyShop offers Phantasee Glow Lenses of the following colors: electric blue, blue, green, orange, pink, white, and yellow. These are the most recommended colors since people can easily mix and match these to whatever they plan to wear.

Make These as Fashion Statement

            Glow-in-the-dark products are the best items to go with UV illuminant lenses. Be noticed in that party by sporting shirts, gloves, UV face and body paint, and/or accessories such as bangles and necklaces that can glow under ultraviolet lights (does it remind of the glow-int-the-dark scene in Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feelin’ music video?). However, do not overdo it for being too illuminating will not look pleasing to others’ eyes.

In addition, match the worn clothes’ color with the color of the glow lens to balance the color intensity that one will bring about. Choose the outfit that does not illuminate as strongly as the contact lenses.

In Halloween parties, choose the appropriate glow lenses for your costume. For example, use green UV lenses if dressing up as a witch or orange UV lenses as the pumpkin.  These can make people look more convincingly scary and stunning at the same time, and thus, make it the most memorable Halloween party ever.

UV Lenses for Daylight?

            Some say that glow-in-the-dark lenses can also be worn during daytime if one wants to sport a very bright pair of eyes for the day. Even though it is permissible, it is still advisable to wear regular colored contact lenses if the purpose of using them is to just have a different look.

So make those eyes light up with glow lenses and be the brightest star of the night!

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Real Men Wear Colored Contact Lenses

Wearing colored contact lenses has always been associated to ladies who want to add spice to their looks. Because of this, men are usually hesitant to wear them since doing so will make them appear effeminate. However, it is not true nowadays – putting on colored contact lenses can actually make men look more stunning and handsome and brings about a total makeover!

Choosing the Best Color

            Contact lenses of different hues are available in the market, but there are selected colors that are most appropriate for men to wear.

The first thing to do is to identify whether the eyes are dark or light. If one has light eye color, go for opaque contact lenses that will completely change the eye color such as aquamarine, emerald green, chesnut brown, or pearl gray. If the eyes are dark, translucent contact lenses of color jade, hazel, topaz, or blue will do. There are also contact lenses that consist of three colors and this allows either light or dark eyes to have varied eye color.

Once a color has been selected, check out how these contacts can affect your eyesight both indoor and outdoor. The last thing that anyone would want to happen is to damage the eyes. Make sure to choose the pair of colored contact lenses that can be used wherever, whenever.

Looks to Try Out

            Men can try out the following colored contact lenses style:

  • Old Blue Eyes – Look as dashing as Edward Norton by putting on aqua blue contact lenses to emphasize especially tan skin and slicked back hair. With these, get the second looks from people passing by.
  • Dark and Stormy – For the mysterious type, wearing gray contact lenses can highlight this strong trait. Be that rugged, man of all seasons as how Dirk Nowitzki brings himself especially in the basketball court.
  • Green with Envy – Any shade of green contact lenses can bring out the hair color and skin tone. Not everyone can sport this look appropriately, so those who can carry it are lucky enough, just like Tom Cruise.
  • Deep Sea Blue – Carry out a Pierce Brosnan look by putting on any classic blue colored contact lenses and see how this can draw attention from other people.
  • Basic Brown – Putting on contact lenses with the shade of brown bring about a poetic and dreamer look like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s. Among all shades of brown, dark brown is the most flexible color.

The bottomline is to keep the look as natural as possible. Be aware of how the colors chosen match the skin tone and hair color. Also, always remember that contact lenses, whether colored or not, are still counted as medical tools. Get second opinions from eye doctors before purchasing one.

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